Mini Tractor


CINGOLINO is a mini-tractor with rubber tracks and hydraulic 3 point lift, to which it is possible to set many implements as: rotary tiller, 5 point weeder, rotary mill-grader, plough, rotary discs mower, trailer and other implements normally used with tractor, clearly dimensioned to the structure and the power of the machine.

In consideration of its little dimensions (external track width mm. 910) and the minimum turning radius of 100 cm. only, this mini-tractor is very qualified for row-cultivations and in green-houses where, as well as the first-rate of the work quality, it gives a remarkable wider yields regarding the time spent and the lower strain for the worker as to the same work made with a walking-tractor.

Technical Data

Engines: diesel two-cylinder 21 HP – diesel 3 cylinder 20 HP – two-cylinder 20 HP

Starting: electric starting
Clutch: dry single-plate diam. 160,  by spring drive type, with control pedal
Transmission: toothed gearing
Gear change: 2 forward speeds + 2 forward reduced speeds and 1 reverse + 1 reduced reverse
Steering: by plates clutch with brake
Power take-off: Nr. 1 rear power take off
Traction: by rubber tracks
Electric installation: tension 12 Volts – battery 50 A/h – head lamps
Power lift: rear hydraulic 3 point lift
Turning radius:100 cm.
Safety devices:  1. ROPS roll over protective system 2. Impediment to the accidental ignition of the engine
Sizes: Width 910 mm.
Length 1800 mm.
Height 1169 mm. with ROPS
Weight: 580 Kg. with two-cylinder engine  HP 21