About Us

The company MIRA snc was founded in 1969 on the initiative of Charles and daughter Raffoni First, who were later joined by other family members who actively participate in the management of the company. The company is headquartered in Savignano the Rubicon (Forlì) in Emilia Romagna, a region with historical vocation to the mechanical and where you have the highest concentration of industries producing agricultural machinery. The MIRA produces machinery for tillage, in particular:

  • tillers and walking tractors in various models and versions
  • the HORSY mini tractor 4 wheel drive with rigid frame
  • the mini tractor CINGOLINO with rubber tracks
  • equipment and accessories for all of our machines

The specificity of these machines is their size, which makes them particularly suitable for small and medium-sized farms to work in a confined space where the big tractors can not operate , for example in vegetable crops in vineyards , orchards and greenhouses.
The study and design of the machines are carried out within the company , which has its own technical department constantly updated.
The MIRA is born with the vocation for export , in fact since its inception has always exported about 60-70% of its production. This has been possible thanks to the strength and quality of the machines and the emergency service after sale duly made ​​through the network of distributors.
The first foreign market was Greece , which over time were joined by Cyprus , Malta, Portugal , Spain, France , Turkey, Croatia , Romania. These are still currently the most important markets in which it operates through the MIRA importers -distributors .
Other countries in which the MIRA are exported to Syria, the United Arab Emirates , Germany and Qatar.
In recent years we are facing the markets of some countries of the ‘ Latin America and the first exports began in Nicaragua , Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
In Italy, the MIRA is present with dealers in most of the central and southern regions.
The company regularly participates with a stand at the international exhibition of manufacturers of agricultural machinery EIMA , held in Bologna in November every two years.